Skyping Home For Christmas YouTube (1)

Exactly What Skyping Your Parents At Christmas Will Be Like

Whether your parents can’t figure it out, or your computer is too slow because you’re downloading something, Skyping home can result in a few minutes of confusion only to find that when you eventually have it cracked, you don’t have much to say to each other. But at the end of the day, it’s great to see a loved one’s face.


Great Christmas Song For Irish Emigrants – I’m Coming Home

Two Irish bands have come together to write an Irish Christmas song dedicated to emigrants. Video for I’m Coming Home.

The clips feature Irish people abroad and at home sending Christmas messages to their friends and families. The music video was shot on Grafton St and features video clips of people sending messages home from places around the globe.

*Warning – This Video Might Make YOU miss home icon sad New Irish Christmas Song For Emigrants   Im Coming Home!

Martin s Life game of thrones YouTube

New Irish Animated Comedy Watching TV With The Parents Martins Life

It is the second video in the installment titled “Martin’s Life” featuring a very well done animated version of his life.

Judging by this video it will be very successful. The video has had over 20’000 views so far I’m sure will get a LOT more. We have all been there, sitting at home watching telly getting asked a million questions.. “who’s dat fella there” “what’s this called” etc. Enjoy icon smile Happy Friday   Watching TV With The Parents Martins Life If you would like to see part 1 click here.

Snickers Mr Bean TV advert Subtitled YouTube

Snickers Enrol Mr Bean For New Advert, He Doesn’t Disappoint

Snickers have just hired the help of the man the myth, Mr Bean, for their latest advert. And he doesn’t disappoint.

The british comedy legend played by Rowan Atkinson plays the part of a clumsy ninja, which in a way, suits him perfectly.