Skyping Home For Christmas YouTube (1)

Exactly What Skyping Your Parents At Christmas Will Be Like

Whether your parents can’t figure it out, or your computer is too slow because you’re downloading something, Skyping home can result in a few minutes of confusion only to find that when you eventually have it cracked, you don’t have much to say to each other. But at the end of the day, it’s great to see a loved one’s face.

Ireland Dublin 60 years ago YouTube (1)

Amazing Video Of What Co. Dublin Looked Like 60 Years Ago

What did it sound like to walk through the streets of Dublin 60 years ago?

The following video features scenes of Ireland, captured by a tourist on 16mm film.

The video captures the sights and sounds of Dublin in the 1950s. No soundtrack here, just the revving of motors, the chatter of passersby, and the clip clop of horse-drawn carts as they travel down the cobble stone streets.


Great Christmas Song For Irish Emigrants – I’m Coming Home

Two Irish bands have come together to write an Irish Christmas song dedicated to emigrants. Video for I’m Coming Home.

The clips feature Irish people abroad and at home sending Christmas messages to their friends and families. The music video was shot on Grafton St and features video clips of people sending messages home from places around the globe.

*Warning – This Video Might Make YOU miss home icon sad New Irish Christmas Song For Emigrants   Im Coming Home!

"Piano" | Holiday Commercial - Give Beautifully - Story 4 | Stella Artois

Irish Couple Star In Amazingly Heartwarming Christmas Advert

This Christmas advert will strike a chord with Irish all over the world…

Stella Artois are pulling at the heart strings with their latest Christmas campaign ‘Give Beautifully’.

This video features Tipperary man Brendan Kenny and his girlfriend Maeve O’Hara from Mayo, who moved to London after securing her dream job.

Rather than telling you the full story its best to watch it however it may bring a tear to the eye(just saying)

Ar Mo Thaobh Stay With Me le Sam Smith as Gaeilge YouTube (1)

‘Stay With Me’ as Gaeilge By Coláiste Lurgan

The buachaillí agus cailíní of Coláiste Lurgan are back.

This time they are covering Sam Smith’s hit tune ‘Stay With Me’.

We are big fans of Sam Smith and again what a great use of the Irish language. Enjoy!