Groups and Organisations that Provide Assistance for Irish People in Canada

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The Irish people are considered a fundamental part of Canada’s economy and society. After all, millions of Canadians are of Irish descent and at present, there are tens of thousands of Irish-born people who are living either temporarily or permanently in the North American country. So for Irishmen and women who are planning to move to Canada, you need not worry because you’ll definitely come across someone who comes from the Emerald Isle.

But in case you need any type of assistance, there are a number of groups and organisations that provide support and assistance for Irish people living in Canada. Below are some of them.

The Irish Canadian Immigration Centre (I/CAN).
I/CAN was established in January 2012 to provide assistance in meeting the needs of Irish people who have just arrived in Canada. The group regularly organises outreach programmes and offer information on areas such as finding employment and accommodation, as well as obtaining social services, and dealing with immigration issues. It plays a crucial role in supporting the Irish in Canada.

Crosscare Migrant Project
Based in Ireland, Crosscare Migrant Project is an NGO (non-government organisation) that provides pre-departure information and support service for Irish immigrants. The group is funded in part by the Department of Foreign Affairs and it has a drop in service in Dublin that is open from Monday to Friday. Crosscare also provides assistance for Irish emigrants who either wish to return home or are in need of support and/or information.

Government of Canada website.
The official web site of the government of Canada offers helpful information on getting IEC visas. These open work permits enable Irish citizens to work in the North American country for up to two years.

The Embassy of Ireland
The Irish Embassy is located in the Canadian capital of Ottawa. It provides different kinds of assistance, including those of urgent nature (ie emergencies) for Irish people living in Canada.

Ireland Fund of Canada
The Ireland Fund of Canada connects people of Irish heritage to bring positive change within Canada and Ireland. It also seeks to promote reconciliation and the exchange of culture and education between the two countries.

There are also several organisations that help foster trade and commerce, as well as the exchange of culture and ideas between Canada and Ireland. They are:
•    The Ireland-Canada Chambers of Commerce
•    The Ireland Business Association
•    The Ireland Canada University Foundation
•    The Gaelic Hour

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