Canadian Officials Shut Down Private Career College

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A private career college in Canada has been shut down by the authorities, leaving thousands of students wondering what to do and trying to figure out where they should continue their education. According to reports, the Superintended of the Private Career Colleges suspended Everest College’s registration as a private career college and issued a notice of proposal to revoke this registration.

According to the Superintendent, which is an independent statutory regulator and decision-maker under Canada’s Private Career Colleges Act, it was necessary to immediately suspend Everest’s registration as a recognised private learning institution. This is to ensure the protection of its current and future students. It was also revealed that the Superintendent was no longer convinced that Everest could uphold its financial responsibilities when operating a private career college and offering its vocational programs.

Many students were distraught and frustrated over the Superintendent’s decision to shut their school down. Everest had promised most of them that they would graduate and receive their diploma when they enrolled. Now, many of them are confused on what they should do to move forward.

One of them is Jessica Laramie of Leamington, Ontario. She was enrolled in the personal support worker course and had three weeks remaining in her program before Everest College has been shut down. Mike Cousineau, also a student at Everest, just started his law enforcement foundations program two weeks ago. He said he left his job to go to school and now, his dreams are “crushed.”

Fortunately, Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities is providing assistance for students who are affected by Everest’s closure. Ministry officials have been at all Everest College campuses to provide students with information on what they should do next, including potential options for completing their training at nearby institutions and how to apply for a refund.

“We will make sure students will be transitioned as smoothly as possible and that’s why ministry officials are on the ground today as the college was shut down and also we have set up a 1-800 number so the students can call that number and if they have any questions or if they need any assistance and the ministry officials will be there to assist them in by any means they can,” said Minister Reza Moridi.

Meanwhile, the National Association of Career Colleges expressed confidence that the Ontario government will be able to help Everest students overcome this hurdle.

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